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Further qualification

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Most study programmes focus on theoretical aspects of their discipline. As a result, your own specialization and acquiring competences beyond the contents of your programme are often neglected. Thinking outside the box often gives you the inside track for the application process.

The following seminars at our University are open to all interested students. Except for the language courses, prior knowledge is not required.

Soon you'll find the upcoming offers of the summer semester 2021 here.

Professional fields and sectors

The Federal Employment Agency offers first guidance about the sector in which you might want to start your career.

The Thuringian labour market, too, offers graduates various career opportunities. Have a look at the many interesting professional fields and sectors available in Jena and elsewhere in Thuringia.


General rules: cover letter and CV

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Cover letter and CV

Legal aspects, internships, working in Thuringia

Cover Internship and Minimum Wage
Paid internship?
This booklet explains you in which cases a minimum wage must be paid for an internship.
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