The Career Planning Certificate Programme

The Career Planning Certificate Programme

preparation for your job entry.
The Career Planning Certificate Programme
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15. April 2021, 17:30 Uhr
15. April 2021, 18:00 Uhr
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The lecture will be held in English. Language level B2 is recommended.


Taking part in the Career Planning Certificate Programme will help you to shape your studies strategically for academic and vocational success and to coordinate your extra-curricular activities with an eye to your prospective choice of career. Structured reflection on the transition from university to professional life prepares your path into employment step by step. Moreover, by participating in the Certificate programme you acquire competences needed in the labour market and in job hunting. With the Career Planning Certificate you are able to document your competences as an applicant to make these demonstrable to future employers. Participation is open to all, regardless of discipline, on a voluntary basis. There is no fee for the certificate. Learn more about it:



  • Sophia-Marie Meyer | Career Planing Certificate | University of Jena


If you would like to participate, pleaser register until 12 April 2021.


Organiser: International Office of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Please subscribe to the online lecture by e-mail:

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